100% Woman and 70% Black Woman owned

Founded in 2016, Avidity Energy (Pty) Ltd’s mission is to become one of South Africa’s leading black woman owned and managed Petroleum and Energy companies.  We anticipate to enter the local marketplace on a national basis specializing in the procurement, supply and distribution of bulk fuel products, diesel, petrol, LPG and illuminating paraffin, inclusive of alternative energy solutions. We aim to give our customers the best of who we are – respecting customer time, meeting customer requirements and ensuring on-time delivery

In creating a sustainable, diverse and competitive economic climate that reflects huge opportunities in South Africa, Avidity Energy (Pty) Ltd will be a symbol of transformation and growth in the alternative energy, fuel and gas industry, new venture creation and community development, working hand in hand with the Department of Energy and it’s Integrated Energy Centre Programme.

We have a thorough understanding of the South African fuels market and the legislation which governs trade in this area. Our marketing and sales strategy is designed to operate within the prescriptions of the current legislation and to capitalize on the opportunities afforded their in.

WE SPECIALIZE in the supply and distribution of products including but not limited to:-
• Diesel 50 ppm
• Diesel 500 ppm
• Lead Replacement Petrol 93 and 95
• Turbo Unleaded Petrol 93 and 95
• LPG and Propane
• Lubricants
• Paraffin
• Binding components like Ethanol, Butane, Sweet naphta, Isomerate, Alkylate, Reformate, Platformate

LET OUR FRIENDLY CONSULTANTS ASSIST YOU- for more information please call 082 065 8624 or email: info@avidity-energy.co.za