Transparency, Integrity, Innovative Risk Management and Accountability is the core of Avidity’s operating philosophy

Our primary key objectives will be to supply customers with the most suitable product, create job opportunities, alleviate poverty, and ensure that more woman become active partners in the South African Petroleum and Energy Economy.

This will be achieved by:-
-   Occupying an emerging niche in the petroleum and energy industry as directed by “The Charter of the South African
    Petroleum & Liquid Fuels Industry on Empowering Historically Disadvantaged South Africans in the Petroleum& Liquid
    Fuels Industry”, as promulgated and supported by the Department of Energy Charter Act
-   Long-term integrated and committed approach to product sourcing and distribution inclusive of portfolio
    Management across the value chain and across products.
-   Focusing on the creation of innovative solutions, built around the broader range of alternative and renewable energy,
    and other supplies
-   Continuously exploring new supply sources of products that we would like to sell and distribute to end users
-   Liaising with stakeholders / suppliers to ascertain the range and quantities of products available
-   Continuous evaluation of delivery alternatives in order to ensure reliable and timeous deliveries to the Avidity Energy
    customer base.
-   Continuous updated information regarding market related developments and pricing

Our core competence is our diversified sourcing abilities and our strong risk management systems. We’ve built reliable relationships with a vast amount of suppliers that guarantee a secure flow of products we manage.

As a company owned and managed by Black woman, our vision is to become a leading sustainable, profitable and independent petroleum, gas and alternative Energy company, partnering with local government and communities in delivering alternative energy solutions, job creation, poverty alleviation and Education, improving the standard of living in areas where we operate, driven by a culture of customer service excellence and upliftment of the community.

Driven by our vision, we will participate in upstream and midstream petroleum and gas projects that create value for all our stakeholders, while observing the principles of good corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility. Further we will ensure participation of women in business ventures and continue to set high standards of quality, on-time delivery, including consistent and reliable supply of product and energy solutions to the industry.