Our Values are reflected in who we are, what we do, and the way we work. Our Core Values ensure the effectiveness of our integrated and decentralized approach to business and help us achieve our purpose of supplying the correct products on time

We understand that a sustainable business must bring mutual advantages for business partners, therefore our actions are characterized by a constant search for win-win solutions, the delivery of on-time quality products.

We deliver results through our diverse, competent and talented employees. Our business model enables our growing team of energy professionals consistently to deliver dynamic performance in markets with significant growth potential to our customers.

We are committed to contribute to the empowerment of woman owned companies, groups, community projects through socially responsibility endeavors and transformation through our business activities .

Our products reflect our commitment to quality and improvement. We constantly review and improve our operational procedures, invest in the training and development of our employees and create strict controls in order to assure the accurate and timely delivery of products. We prize individual initiative to meet opportunities and deliver results.

Honesty and fairness guide our every action. The high professional and ethical standards of our team is represented both in purchase and supply contacts with our business partners. We operate responsibly in order to maintain trust from our key stakeholders. At Avidity we continue to prioritize ongoing dialogue with our communities and we work hard to minimize any adverse effects from our operations

We are committed to creating and promoting a high-performance and results-driven culture that ensures a positive return on investment to our stakeholders and promotes the interest of all our stakeholders.

We are an environmentally conscious Group and are committed to environmental stewardship. This includes ensuring that our people operate in a safe and health work environment .