AS WHOLESALER,  Avidity Energy (Pty) Ltd’s main objective is to invest in the creation of a nationwide Retail Network of strategically located service and gas refilling stations, owned by focused independent business owners and Integrated Energy Co-operatives in partnership with Avidity Energy (Pty) Ltd

We will be committed to deliver a service station and gas refilling concept that is based on true partnership principles that revolutionizes the industry in a personal, yet meaningful way that ultimately adds real business value to stakeholders, customers and the community in which we will operate.  Avidity Energy (Pty) Ltd is highly committed to the empowerment of Historically Disadvantaged South African’s, Black Woman, youth owned companies inclusive of IeC Co-Operatives. Preference will always be given to Historically Disadvantaged South African’s, Black Woman and youth owned companies inclusive of IeC Co-Operatives, when creating infrastructure and establishing Franchise relationships.

Purchasing and distributing directly from Refinery's our products would continue to hold a premium brand platform, recognised and respected for high quality.

We have a range of flexible tailor-made financial models that will support new site builds for focused independent business owners.  If you know of an existing site that can benefit from redevelopment and optimization, we will assist with proper due diligence and Feasibility Studies in order to see if the site could be re-developed.

All new Stations will be highly modernized with bright, strong and dynamic colours; modern equipment; clean and safe forecourts and access to ATM facilities.  Potential business owners will also receive supply chain, logistics and comprehensive support to provide convenience store and business Centre offerings which is relevant to your demographic profile at competitive prices.

As a valuable business partner, you will receive training in new venture cration, business planning, product knowledge, people management, facilities upkeep, safety and security.

There are also a series of training courses that will prepare you for all aspects of fuel retailing. These courses include:
- Fuel management
- Operational procedures
- Customer service expectations
- Site marketing tools
At the end of the program, you will not only be able to successfully redevelop or establish a new site, but also manage it in a high quality, clean, safe and reliable manner.

All new Stations will be issued with an integtated Software System that monitors customer Loyalty and allows for promotional Marketing.