Avidity Energy (Pty) Ltd will strive to implement socio economic development programmes for lasting change within disadvantaged communities close to all our operations. Our objective is the creation of jobs and improving the
quality of life within communities. By setting Health, Safety, Environmental and Community standards that go
beyond legal compliance, we create a better environment for our people and the community

The health, wellbeing and safety of our people and of our environment are fundamental requirement to functioning as a global business. Maintaining a safe working environment for all our people is a top Priority for Avidity Energy. We want all of our employees to be able to work in safe conditions and we want our communities to benefit from our commitment to safer working practices.

Avidity Energy is committed to:
- Zero Harm
- Zero Accidents
- No damage to the environment

Commitment to Health & Safety (SHEQ) supports our drive towards Zero Harm of our employees and is a critical
pillar of our success in achieving sustainable development. SHEQ is achieved through the application and
implementation of management protocols, programmes and systems.

Our reputation with stakeholders and our staff matters to us.
We fundamentally believe that identifying and considering community values, while enabling stakeholders to contribute to our decision-making, leads to better projects.
In all of our projects, we:
• endeavor to be a valued part of the community
• never assume we understand a stakeholder’s needs or views
• conduct our external liaison activities ethically, openly and honestly
• seek community input on our projects
• respect views that differ from our own.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our long-term viability depends on managing the environmental effects of our projects. We acknowledge that emissions of greenhouse gases is a major global challenge, and we support policies that address climate change without unduly restricting emerging
economies in meeting their growing demand for secure, affordable energy.